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Presentation of UYD

The major aim of this organization at inception in 1995 was to fight the dictatorship of a one party state that could not give way to our ultimate aim of championing rights for the less privileged in our society.

In this new multi-party dispensation, oblivious of the fact that the older generation played its part in laying foundation for a successful transformation of this country’s social, economic and political status; It is now incumbent upon our generation to boldly express our views and aims, and the vision and mission we want to fulfill.

UYD has taken up this task to ensure that social equity prevails in Uganda. This has been done through establishing UYD within the entire national agenda and also through strengthening ties with other progressive forces the world over.
Besides the hostile political climate of tyranny that has thwarted many of UYD’s efforts, its mass crusade for noble ideals has set its pace in the fight for good governance, poverty reduction, environmental protection, better trade policies, workers’ rights and peaceful end to conflicts in our society today.

“A ship that sails the oceans and rides the rough waves must have both a strong anchor and tough sails”. UYD has a firm anchor of values and principles coupled with a pro-active, pragmatic innovative, solid and committed membership base, this has helped us persevere most of the prevailing challenges .UYD has drawn youth into a brave and daring political action; it has inspired and rallied them for a national cause on issues like Human Rights and Social Responsibility. UYD continues to build a vibrant and progressive foundation for a better Uganda and a better world because to UYD; “Another World is possible”.

UYD has continued to fight for a fundamental transformation of our society which is composed of a majority who are the poorest of the poor by empowering young people who possess the best ideological, political and organizational will and capacity to make an input in this effort and this has largely registered success in its transformation effort.
UYD’s current focus is on the students, women and the unemployed. Its advocating and mobilizing for education of the rural youth and young women because we believe that once the student sector is sensitized, it shall provide an intellectual and vibrant leadership to strengthen our cause.

UYD also realizes that the rural youth who constitute the majority in our society have been isolated yet they are an essential force for the promotion and consolidation of a democratic dispensation. They need education, they need jobs.
UYD also realizes that women are a fragile, gender in the face of African traditions, UYD is thus focusing on building capacity of women to assert their rights within this fast changing society.

It is UYD’s call therefore for Action for a total liberation of the people of Uganda, through civil action to end dictatorship, corruption, wars and poverty. “As we sow the seeds of Democracy”.





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