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UYD historical background

The Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) has its roots in the radical endeavours formed as part of resistance against political suppression and is an expression of thirst for freedom, justice and solidarity.

The UYD began as a radical and revolutionary organization advancing the cause of the historically marginalized and was built up from a network of small political discussion groups of students in higher institutions of learning. These were later to spread out to the grassroots in form of community outreach programs that entailed meeting small groups of mainly young people in guise of soda parties because of the repressive political environment at the time. The soda parties were community discussion groups on issues of local and national and national concern. Participants in these discussions later formalized themselves into an organized front in June 1995 that came to be known as the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD).

The founding of the UYD rests heavily on the political events of the years 1994 and 1995. All post-colonial regimes in Uganda built monolithic systems characterized by: power monopoly, short termism, greed, privileges for a few, and exclusion of segments of the population from political and economic participation.

In 1992, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) initiated a constitution making process. Ugandans were optimistic that at last this process would promise opportunity to resolve the daunting challenges of the country since independence namely: political system, framework of Local Government and distribution of resources. At the conclusion of the Constituent Assembly (CA), a body of elected delegates charged with writing the country’s new legal framework, it was clear that the process had instead been hijacked turning the clock backwards. There was no fundamental departure between the new and old dispensation. The new order contained al excesses characteristic of previous regimes including a legal ban on all institutions of mass support and the suppression activism.

The UYD was conceived out of the selfless desire of young Ugandans to correct the errors of the past and bring new inspiration into the lives of a populace characterized by shattered hopes, disenchantment and disillusionment due to socio-political developments in the country since the departure of the British colonialists.

The UYD’s vision has always been to build a revolutionary social crusade comprising of every sector of Ugandan society: youth, women, poor, marginalized, working class, students, rural and others, which would use aggressive means of advocacy and pressure on the State and other organs of society to accelerate a transformation agenda.

UYD’s inception was a re-awakening of the young generation and a re-affirmation of their determination in meeting the challenges of social and political transformation, particularly in Uganda, where political discretion remains imperfect, not to mention the economic disparities.

The UYD crusade is part and parcel of the age long nation liberation struggle and it is a central vehicle for popular mobilization and resistance against oppression and injustice.

The UYD draws its strength from the tremendous contribution of its forefathers and is historically aligns to the Ugandan independence movement whose vision was for a united, free and democratic Uganda and for a socio-political order in which every Uganda pursued happiness free from discrimination basing on colour, tribe, class, gender, political or religious beliefs.

The Organization is dedicated to deepening democracy and culture of human rights and mobilizing the people to take an active part in changing the lives of the overwhelming majority for the better.


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