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Declaration of principles

"The vision of the UYD is that Ugandans together in solidarity shall create a free, just and democratie society".

The basic principles of the UYD emerge from four key tenets:

Conduct of human beings unconstrained by legal or physical barriers.

The will to carry responsibility and do something for others.

Respect of the will of the majority and participation of everyone in creating the future.

Fairness and equity in not only rule of law but also in enjoyment of opportunities.  The UYD wants to build a Ugandan society based on humanistic values. Human beings are different in many respects but the UYD believes that:

  • We are all equal as human beings. 
  • Freedom, solidarity, equality in combination with democracy are important prerequi­sites for human Iiberation and diversity.
  • Equal opportunities are necessary for all of us in order to grow, develop and enjoy good conditions of living. 
  • Privileges and rights enjoyed by a handful create economic and social differences in society. 
  • We all owe an obligation to each other. We must do something for others and that we must strive to build solidarity links with minority, under-privileged and weakest in society while promoting a society based on the common duty of humanity. 
  • Human values are superior to material wealth and in this regard, politics must be geared towards community growth, with community spirit, dose relations, friend­ship, compassion are central to our political goals. 
  • Society as a whole carries the big responsibility of channeIling resources to those who are in most need and must have the mechanism to distribute jobs, education and income in a fair and just mann er. 
  • Democracy is central in all spheres of society and the active participation of all the people in the socio-political and economic process is a prerequisite for a well func­tioning democracy. 
  • Political parties and all democratic institutions must exist in a w:ell functioning democ­racy. 
  • We can only buJd a democratic Uganda in a political frarnework which is totally geared towards total respecr for human rights and freedom as manifested in the UN Freedom Charter.
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