Mao for DP Presidential candidate!
Gulu District Local Government chairman, Norbert Mao, on Saturday announced his candidature for the Democratic Party presidency that got off with an endorsement from the young turks of the party, the Uganda Young Democrats.

At Mountain Elgon Hotel in Mbale, the former legislator and first runners’ up in the November 2005 DP National Delegate conference, stated his readiness to take on the challenge of leading Uganda’s oldest political party and even offer himself for the nation’s presidency in 2011.

“I thank the members of UYD for the challenge you have thrown to me. I want to declare here and now that I am ready to take on this challenge and work must start now,” Mao told over one hundred UYD leaders from eastern region that attended a two day workshop in the town of Mbale.

“We offer the whole body politic of Uganda a fresh start and a new image that would restore trust and confidence of our people to politicians. Many people have failing families. Many cannot manage the basic needs of their life. Basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, education and health care are missed by the majority. This we shall change,” he said amidst chanting, ululation and singing of revolutionary songs.

“To my party, the Democratic Party, the wider the goal, the greater shall be our efforts. We do not have the luxuries of disunity. We all need to put our hands on the deck. It does not matter where you came from, what matters to me, is where our country is going.

We share one common vision with our forefathers, that of building a free and just country for every one of us, our children and the generations to come.

It is our duty, as progressive forces, to make this country big enough for all of us to share. Peace, equity and justice shall be our driving force as we take the struggle to a new level. I call upon all young people in this country, to stand up. This is our time. It is now or never,” he added midist standing ovations from the youth leaders.

He told them he was ready for the battles ahead. “I am battle hardened and I have what it takes to effect our desired change in this country. The days of the Movement government are over, but those of Ugandans are not,” he said.

He condemned corrupt tendencies in the current regime.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 June 2007 )
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