The UYD welcomes the CHOGM agenda aimed at transforming common wealth societies; this forum provides a platform for discussing strategic actions towards improving quality lives of the people of the “Common Wealth” family. CHOGM preparations have given Kampala City an improved infrastructural outlook and it is hoped that the country shall attract more investment especially in the tourism industry.

That Notwithstanding, on 22nd November 2007, UYD has organized the Ordinary poor people’s forum. We shall match through central Kampala’s ramshackled and dilapidated neighbourhood which houses Kampala’s most impoverished and most disadvantaged people. We have planned to walk through Kisenyi and Katwe, Kagugube, Katanga, Mulago, Kalerwe and Kamwokya Slums.
Prior to this event,Ugandans expected more from CHOGM than being a tourist event or a Heads of Government Jamboree and it is for this reason that we hereby call for a more proactive strategy to overcome the marginalisation and discrimination exhibited by CHOGM preparations, as this has given it a cosmetic outlook of a function meant to please the queen and international guests rather than for addressing the world’s pressing challenges.
Our vested hope is that CHOGM focus ought to be on Millennium Development Goals especially in as far as eradicating extreme poverty and hunger in Uganda which has enormous social challenges. We discourage a forum that would only pay lip service to finding lasting solutions to the daunting problems of Uganda’s poorest of the poor.
The meetings should demonstrate a strong commitment to social justice, respect for human rights and actions to create conditions facilitating the poor and marginalized groups to have equal access to knowledge, social services and equal opportunities.
We can’t however pretend that it is easy to confront all the social challenges but together as a commonwealth family we can develop new strategies and new approaches to restore people’s trust. A commitment towards an alternative vision for the disadvantaged and marginalized societies is most desirable.
Many Ugandans hoped for a new beginning with CHOGM, lets keep their hopes alive through advocating for social transformation for better living conditions, housing, health, education, clean water and better drainage. This hope can’t be kept alive, when polluted streams continue to over flow due to poor drainage, they flood and kill our people as was the case recently when five slum dwellers died. The improvement of people’s livelihood is essential for social cohesion and security. Insecurity is partly bred by frustration in case physical barriers are built between the rich and the poor, lets join hands to shatter these barriers for a more secure nation and a more secure world.
We call upon all compassionate Ugandans and CHOGM delegates to join us in this cause;
“A better Uganda and a bertter world is possible”.
Muyizzi Samuel                                               
Last Updated ( Friday, 23 November 2007 )
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