On May 27th 2008, the constitutional Court of Uganda nullified a law that had been enacted by the ruling NRM government to make it mandatory for the opposition to first seek government’s permission before holding a political assembly or forming a procession in any public place.

The learned Judges unanimously decided that this law represented a ban on the fundamental freedoms of assembly and association. 

The Police Act, particularly Section 32 gave Uganda Police powers to prohibit assemblies and demonstrations organized by political parties. Using this law, many members of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) and several members of the opposition have been brutally arrested and charged in courts of law.

This law was often used by the state toundermine alternative political dispensations or views.We petitioned court against this law and the verdict was in our favour. We decided to call a political rally in celebration of this but still, the government arrogantly refused us, we chose to fight for our constitutional rights by going ahead with our planned rally but it never was as the main organizers, especially leaders of UYD were brutally arrested as we attempted to move to the scheduled venue for the rally.


We castigate the brutal methods of our arrest and the immeasurable physical and psychological tortures that were occasioned to us while in detention.

Nevertheless, it is our resolve never to give up this fight for rule of law and good governance which this country deserves urgently. This country has suffered so much at the hands of dictators of all types. We shall never give up the struggle, no matter what!


Attached herewith are some of the scenes of the 7th day of June 2008 which had been set for the political rally.





Samuel Muyizzi Mulindwa.


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