DP President embraces Mao for President
The DP President Hon. John Ssebaana Kizito has supported The Uganda Young Democrats' unanimous opposition to an unprincipled planned opposition parties coalition. UYD's consistent position is that DP's people centered philosophy and ideals can not be mortgaed to Conservative leaning Political parties in Uganda funded by the current ruling coalition in Sweden.
Similarly the leadership and many members of DP have refused to join the planned opposition coalition because of the desire to field , Norbert Mao, in the 2011 presidential elections.

Chairman Mao's most potent campaign mobilisation force, the Uganda Young Democrats, have already embarked on countrywide and international mobilisation for him to take over as President of Uganda come 2011 on the DP ticket.
The current DP President, John Ssebaana Kizito who is set to retire this November recently noted that Mao has the necessary qualities to lead DP and Uganda, he said that “Mao is an outstanding orator and politics is about convincing. He has been a loyal party member since the days we backed him for the presidency of Makerere University Guild. While he was the Guild President of Makerere, I never heard any scandal about him,” said Sebaana. “He was my chief campaigner in 2006 and he is also working as the party Vice President. He can make a good party leader and most importantly a national President.” 

UYD Vice President Mukasa Fred Mbidde said Mao is the most qualified person to become the party’s flag bearer in the 2011 Presidential elections.He noted that,
“To compete favourably at the national level, you must have the backing of your party,and home region. This makes Mao More powerful than the FDC’s Dr. Besigye, who has stood twice and lost the elections even in his home region, to the current President Museveni as opposed to Mao who has already won the hearts of his northern home region which has suffered so much for so long under President Museveni's government,” 
The entire UYD , through local structures is moving around the country selling Mao’s candidature, arguing that time has come for Uganda to have a purely civilian president because Ugandans are tired of bloodstained leaders. Ugandans want a peaceful change of leadership.

Mao has convened several meetings with all strong politicians in Uganda, in the region and internationally, soliciting for their support in the 2011 Presidential elections.
The UYD hopes that given his principled nature,charisma and oratory prowess, Mao would help DP to win several more constituencies in the 2011 parliamentary race and a more principled coalition in case a Presidential re-run arises in 2011.Mao is considered experienced, competent and likely to galvanise support from the younger generation which constitutes the largest electorate.

A Ugandan prominent political analyst and senior Makerere University political science lecturer, Dr. Aaron Mukwaya believes the move taken by DP to reject an unprincipled coalition and the decision to front Chairman Mao for President as a wise decision.

Who is Nobert Mao?
Born on March 12, 1967 Chairman for Gulu district Vice President for DP for Northern Region Former Guild president of Makerere University. Former MP for Gulu Municipality for 10 years. Chairman of the East African Chapter of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank (PnoWB) and member of its secretariat Member of LRA-Government peace talks. Lawyer by training. Founding member of the Great Lakes Forum for Peace.
Compiled by; Samuel Muyizzi Mulindwa, Secretary Gerneral-UYD
Last Updated ( Thursday, 25 February 2010 )
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