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THE Democratic Party (DP) presidential aspirant, Norbert Mao, unveiled his manifesto ahead of the 2011 general elections earlier this year. Mao's manifesto outlines 10 reasons why he should be voted president, his vision for DP and Uganda. His slogans are "A Leader for a Change" and "Hope, Action and Change".

Mao, who is the LC5 chairperson of Gulu district, is using many fora , recently he distributed his manifesto to delegates attending the Peace Recovery Development Plan meeting at Hotel Africana in Kampala .

The delegates included development partners, resident district commissioners, ministers, permanent secretaries, commissioners, LC5 leaders, representatives of the private sector, civil society and government officials.

As president, Mao said, he would unite people and be a leader guided by principles.

He argues that his exceptional ability has been recognised in all parts of Uganda and internationally.

"I speak for all regardless of political affiliation, creed or economic status," Mao said in his manifesto.

He also pointed out that he was a tireless peace crusader who initiated constructive debates in Parliament, among the civil society and the international community.

The presidential aspirant boasts of transforming Gulu district into a business-friendly destination and of spearheading national and international debate on the conflict in northern Uganda in the pursuit of peace.

Mao says his vision is to advocate for a united, democratic, peaceful and prosperous nation.

He also promises to propel the economy from poverty alleviation programmes to wealth creation.

Mao promises zero tolerance to corruption and its causes, equitable development, a just and fair land policy and jobs for all citizens.

He says he will give greater autonomy to sub-national governments through federalism and promote and respect cultural institutions and traditional leaders.

Mao, who is also the DP vice-president, also pledges justice-for-all, a government where equal opportunity is not a mere slogan and a sound economy whose foundation is broad-based prosperity.

Mao adds that he will run the party professionally and propel it to victory in the 2011 presidential elections. He also pledges to transform DP from an opposition party to a party in Government.

Between February 18 -21, 2010, MAO is presenting this manifesto to the DP delegates convening in Mbale , Eastern Uganda.

In UYD we are fully in support of his candidature and are positive he will be DP's president for President of Uganda
Last Updated ( Monday, 08 February 2010 )
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