Mao is DP President

The members have decided, and he is President of the Party, the battle line has been drawn sharply with focus on taking the struggle to higher levels,

Thanks to all Young Democrats out there, a progressive force is now in charge of running the Oldest Party in Uganda and the second oldest in Africa. The UYD which started just in 1995 , now commands a bigger voice in the politics of Uganda, the voice of the youth who compose the majority is now in charge of policy formulation in the DP.

The DP is by no argument the best alternative to President Museveni's government and President Mao is by no match the best and most credible candidate for the opposition. Let Ugandans brace themselves for an aggressive issue driven and aggressive campaign, we are prepared for nothing less than victory for all Ugandans against the prevailing dictatorship, corruption, violence, discrimination and un ending wars.We are up to the task, we seek for all the support from peace loving people for the task we are confronted with is not an easy ride but we are up to the task...

Expect more regular updates,

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 March 2010 )
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