UYD supports DP decision on IPC

During the National Delegates Conference sitting in Mbale in February 18th to 21st, 2010, delegates in principle supported cooperation of opposition parties. Consequently, they mandated the National Executive Committee to take a decision on..

Inter Party Co-operation (IPC) provided that such cooperation does not compromise the identity and long term interests of the Democratic Party (DP).

Given the spirit of the National Delegates Conference, and cognizant of the fact that past alliances have not served to strengthen but have instead weakened the party, and aware that the present leadership has embarked on rebuilding the party and rejuvenating party structures, the National Executive Committee of the Party sitting at J & M Hotel – Bwebajja, critically examined the IPC protocol and decided that the Democratic Party will not join the IPC in its current form.

While the protocol addresses two major but different issues, that is the single Presidential candidate and co-operation at lower level elections, it rigidly binds parties to the two issues without an option. The Democratic Party position is that the protocol should allow flexibility while dealing with both issues in which case parties should have the option of both or any of the two issues. It is therefore our considered opinion that in its current shape the IPC is a rigid contraption in need of major surgery if it is to meet the aspirations of Ugandans for genuine change.

Ugandans need a genuine choice in the Presidential elections. The Democratic Party will field its candidate for the presidency and urges other opposition parties to do the same. The wide choice will offer Ugandans an opportunity to make their choice.

A single presidential candidate comes with serious vulnerabilities and is in our view a tactical blunder that will make it easier for the Museveni regime to out-maneuver the united opposition. In the current context putting our eggs in one basket in the Presidential elections will simplify the ruling NRM’s work as it struggles to cling to power.

Should no single candidate secure the mandatory 50+% of the vote, then all other opposition candidates should rally behind the most popular opposition candidate in the second round. In this situation the voters would have determined which opposition candidate is most suitable to carry the flag of the united opposition in the presidential race.

In the event that the opposition candidate wins the elections, the successful candidate and his or her party shall constitute a government of national unity comprising the cooperating parties. The program of action of the government of national unity shall be agreed upon before the second round of the general elections. The Democratic Party commits to forming a Government of National Unity and will invite other opposition parties to be part of a Democratic Party-led government.

Based on a study undertaken by the Democratic Party on the performance of Parliamentary candidates and Local Council candidates in the previous elections, there is statistical evidence that at those levels given the localized nature of the elections, cooperation among opposition parties will allow opposition parties to do better at those respective levels. The Democratic Party is willing to discuss with the other opposition parties the viability of fielding joint candidates for parliament and local councils. The details of this can be discussed further.

The Democratic Party still believes that cooperation on pertinent national issues such as electoral reforms, accountability, constitutional reform, human rights and a minimum program of action for the post-NRM government should be continued and enhanced.

The decisions reached by the National Executive Committee will be tabled for consideration before a meeting of the National Council of the party to be convened soon.

Done at Bwebajja this 13th day of May, 2010.

Al Hajji Mohammed Baswari Kezaala


Hon. Mathias Nsubuga, MP


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 July 2010 )
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