As the Uganda Police concentrated its full force into frustrating the Democratic Party rally in Kampala, terrorists seized the gap to orchestrate and plant bombs in the city leaving over 64 dead and so many greviously injured.

The Uganda Young Democrats has at several fora condemned the foreign policy approach of President Museveni's government towards neighbouring countries like Somalia.

Sources from Al shabab have confirmed that the Kampala City bombs which have so far claimed 80 lives were planted by Somalia's Al shabab militia which has consistently warned Uganda's invasion of Somalia under the umbrella of the African Union force.

Whereas it is important to lend a hand to our neighbours where it is appropriately necessary, such a mission has to be sanctioned by the countriy's institutions as a precautionary measure. The Parliament of Uganda, citing the example of the disastrous effects that came after Uganda's earlier invasion of Congo (DRC)had debated against the approach taken by the country's forces into Somalia but the army adamantly went ahead to deploy our forces there.

Several Ugandan soldiers have died in Somalia and now innocent Ugandans are the most recent targets of Somalis who have warned our security forces and government has done more of scoffing at them as cowardly threats.Innocent Ugandans are now paying the price of an irresponsible government.

The Uganda Young Democrats condemns the terrorist attacks and we sympathise with those who lost theirs and actually our beloved ones too but we hasten to add that, the Uganda Police has invested a lot of their energies and resources on brutally fighting political groups and parties which are mobilising themselves constitutionally to challenge the ruling NRM government in the 2011 general elections.

On saturday the 10th of July 2010, live ammunition,tear gas and stick wielding gangs were used by Police to stop the Democratic Party president, Hon. Nobert Mao from addressing a huge gathering of party supporters in Kamwokya, a Kampala surburb.We believe that the bombs that went off in Kampala the following day 11th July, 2010 would probably have been stopped by the Police if it had concentrated its efforts on fighting unlawfull acts like these instead of preoccupying its forces on fighting political party activities which are lawfully convened.

The Uganda Police has the duty and responsibility to protect Ugandans and not to act as an instrument of oppression to be used by the NRM government against ordinary Ugandans who are yearning for political change for a better Uganda.

Samuel Muyizzi Mulindwa


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 July 2010 )
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