The UYD calls for a review of our government's policy on Somalia; After the brutal terrorist bomb attacks that have left 80 Ugandans dead and hundreds more still in critical condition, it urgently necessary and important that our Government reviews our policy on Somalia.

Let us use the platform of the African Union (AU) sitting here in a few days to challenge AU members as to why they have not handled the crisis in Somalia as an African problem and instead left it to turn into a Uganda and a few other countries' affair, reasons why other nations have decided not to deploy their forces into the 'peace keeping mission' in Somalia should be the yardstick for us to review our involvement as a country lest we continue to pay the ugly price. A principled stand in the interest of our national security is paramount. The big question is ARE WE SAFER IN OR OUT OF SOMALIA ??
Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 August 2010 )
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